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Journeys Into a Gold Horizon CD by Rafael Szaban

‘Journeys Into a Gold Horizon’ CD  (cat.no: ISMCD002)

The ‘Journeys Into a Gold Horizon’ CD is the second release from Indigo Sea Music.


A selection of seven beautiful tracks composed and produced by Rafael Szaban, which take you on a spiritual journey into sound, contemplation, dream and light.


Featuring musicians:

Padmakar Mishra (sitar)

Meru Anand (undertone Tibetan voice)

Baluji Shrivastav (tabla)

Nadishana (bansuri and fujara flutes)

Rajan Sharma (voice)

Matt Hooper (duduk)

Elisabeth Perry (cello)


A contemporary production with world flavours, a must for all spiritual seekers and fans of World and New Age music. A perfect listening CD !


Music excerpts:                            Broadband          Dial-up


1. Mountain Chant                        listen                     listen


2. Gold Horizon                             listen                     listen   


3. Flight of the Free                      listen                     listen


4. Hymn                                           listen                     listen


5. The Lotus Ether                        listen                     listen


6. Time is of the Essence...        listen                      listen


7. The Happy Traveller                listen                     listen

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